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Lavastica International is well known in the market as supplier of spare parts, complete systems and custom made equipment. This also includes the ingineering, commissioning and service of complete installations. Lavastica operates in the maritime, offshore and industrial market since 1998. The high quality of equipment and services is one of the reasons many customers have chosen Lavastica as supplier for their projects. Take a look at some of the projects that have been carried out by Lavastica.

PSV Neptun Express – Fire Detection Retrofit

The platform supply vessel “Neptun Express” formerly utilized the Servoteknikk BMS-904 fire alarm system, which has been discontinued for several years. As spare parts for this system are increasingly rare and expensive, the vessel owners made the strategic decision to upgrade to a contemporary and cost-effective fire alarm system. This upgrade not only enhances safety measures but also ensures long-term operational efficiency.

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Shell Prelude FLNG – Foam proportioner upgrade

Shell’s Prelude FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) facility, situated off the Australian coast, stands as one of the most prestigious and costly projects in Shell’s history. Given its significance, the protection of both the facility and the individuals working on it is of paramount importance. Robust safety measures and state-of-the-art security systems are undoubtedly imperative to ensure the well-being of personnel and the integrity of the facility’s operations.

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FPSO Saxi Batuque – Flame and gas detection upgrade

In its capacity as a distributor of Simtronics, a part of Teledyne, Lavastica International maintains a substantial inventory of critical safety components, including Simtronics GD10-P gas detectors and Simtronics DF-TV7 flame detectors. Given the pivotal role these items play in safety systems, they are frequently in high demand from customers, often requiring urgent availability. This urgency was exemplified in a specific case involving SBM Offshore’s FPSO “Saxi Batuque.”

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M/T Fjordstraum – Fire detection retrofit

The 1996-built 5846 Deadweight Tonnage (DWT) tanker, “Fjordstraum,” maintained its original Servoteknikk MBS-802 conventional fire detection system until recently. With spare parts and service for this system becoming obsolete, the vessel’s owners reached out to Lavastica International, their primary fire detection supplier. The purpose of the discussion was to explore options for retrofitting the system to a more modern and future-proof alternative.

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Maldivian Cruise Hotels – Fire alarm retrofit

Since the beginning of 2019, Lavastica International has incorporated FireFinder Marine addressable fire detection systems into its range of offerings. Shortly after the introduction of this product line, the company received a notable inquiry for retrofitting fire detection systems on two exquisite cruise hotels in the Maldives. This marks a positive response to the introduction of FireFinder Marine systems into Lavastica’s portfolio.

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