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Lavastica International is well known in the market as supplier of spare parts, complete systems and custom made equipment. This also includes the ingineering, commissioning and service of complete installations. Lavastica operates in the maritime, offshore and industrial market since 1998. The high quality of equipment and services is one of the reasons many customers have chosen Lavastica as supplier for their projects. Take a look at some of the projects that have been carried out by Lavastica.

M/Y Ziacanaia 1 – Fire detection system retrofit

Upon its construction in Italy in 2011, the 33-meter private yacht M/Y Ziacanaia 1 was outfitted with an Eltek fire detection system. However, as the system’s spares and service became obsolete, the associated maintenance costs experienced a continual increase. This scenario prompted the need for a solution to address the challenges posed by the outdated fire detection system on the yacht.

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Barge Lancelot – Azcue – Chiller seawater cooling pump replacement

The accommodation work barge “Lancelot,” with a capacity of accommodating up to 620 people, ensures the comfort of its occupants by utilizing seawater chillers. These chillers leverage the temperature of seawater to cool the accommodation areas. The essential operation of these chillers relies on a continuous supply of water, facilitated by pumps, to maintain an efficient and consistent cooling process throughout the accommodation on the barge.

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FPSO Cidade de Paraty – Simtronics – Fire and gas detection renewal

Lavastica International has fostered a collaborative partnership with Oldham Simtronics for over a decade, culminating in its official designation as a distributor in 2016. The Simtronics brand, recognized for its pioneering role in the industry, notably introduced the first true infrared (IR) combustible gas detector, initially known as GD-100. This enduring collaboration underscores Lavastica International’s commitment to providing innovative and advanced solutions to its clientele.

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MSC Vanessa – Safetec Cargo hold smoke detection system retrofit

Cargo ships have a need for fire detection systems not only in the accommodation and engine room but also within the cargo holds. Typically, the systems employed for cargo hold smoke detection utilize a smoke extraction method. This process involves drawing air from each cargo hold individually and passing it through a central unit equipped with smoke detection technology. This approach ensures comprehensive monitoring and early detection of potential fire incidents within the cargo holds of the ship.

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FPSO Espirito Santo – Custom Floating Y-piece

The FPSO Espirito Santo, responsible for oil storage, facilitates the transfer of oil to a tanker through an export hose connected to a (floating) Y-piece. Given its substantial storage capacity exceeding 2,000,000 barrels of oil, the FPSO necessitates a significantly sized export hose and a robustly engineered Y-piece to ensure the efficient and secure offloading of oil to the tanker.

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M/V Norwegian Star – Bridge display renewal

The 294-meter cruise ship “Norwegian Star,” operated by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and built in 2001, features advanced multifunctional Hatteland displays on its bridge. These state-of-the-art displays serve a variety of critical applications, including the presentation of the alarm monitoring system, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), and radar data.

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