Howl Call Telephone

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FHF Howl Call Telephone

The FHF Howl Call Telephone is a sound powered telephone system. The Howl Call Telephone works without an external power supply.

The Howl Call Telephone is sound-powered with a highly efficient dynamic transmitter and receiver capsules which offers communication without a power supply. The call signal is generated by turning the rotary knob with an audio frequency dynamo.

The FHF Howlcall telephone is equipped with an extremely sturdy, impact-resistant and weatherproof housing.

FHF Howl Call Telephone

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Telephony without power supply
Protection degree IP 54
Wide range of accessories
For rough conditions.
Available models:
11327101 Ex-Wall Telephone 5220 without audio amplifier
11326201 Ex-Hand Telephone 5069
11327001 Ex-Hand Telephone 5069 with snap in plug
11327002 Ex-Hand Telephone 5069 with prick pincer