Autronica BBR-52 SmartBuzzer

The Autronica BBR-52 is a Sounder that is designed to be mounted in the Detector Base. The Autronica BBR-52 will be activated to alert personal when there is an emergency situation. High flexibility can be achieved by individual control of each unit in the system. The average sound level from the Autronica BBR-52 is 80dB. To further increase the audible coverage, the BBR-52 switches between two different sound frequencies.


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Easy to add to an AutroSafe Detector
Powered from the External Output of Detector
Sound level 80 dB (Nominal 1m)
Continuous tone
Low current consumption
Cause of activation configurable
Supports room in room function (Solas)
Designed to meet the requirements of major maritime classification societies.
The Autronica BBR-52 SmartBuzzer.