Apollo XP95 55000-278APO Open-Area Weatherproof Multi-Tone Sounder (Red Body)

The Apollo 55000-278APO is a Multi-Tone, Open-Area sounders, designed for indoor use (indoor Type A).

The Apollo 55000-278APO is a Multi-Tone, red body, Open-Area sounder, designed for indoor use (indoor Type A). The Apollo 55000-278APO can be connected to any XP95 or Discovery System. The 55000-278APO sounder is powered directly from the loop, and does not need an external power supply. It operates at 18-28VDC and is polarity sensitive.

The sounder reaches a nominal sound output of 100dB(A) at a current consumption of 5mA. THe maximum number of sounders that can be connected to a loop should be determined by a loop loading calculation using the Apollo Loop Calculator

two volume settings 92dB(A) and 100dB(A)
synchronisation of alert and evacuate tones
individual & group addressing
available with or without built-in isolator
weatherproof version available
three tones on standard devices; Apollo, slow whoop and DIN all of which comply with EN54-3:20013
IP66 rated
Loop powered

Warranty 10 year
Maximum sound output tone 100dB (A)
Selectable volume(s) 100dB (A) , 92dB (A)
Color Red
Length 105mm (4.13in)
Diameter 105mm (4.13in)
Height 90mm (3.54in)
Weight 290g
Approvals CPR , FG
Power-up surge current 01-02-23
Maximum power-up time <1 second
Quiescent current 330μA
Quiescent current tested at 24V dc
Supply voltage (min) 18V dc
Supply voltage (max) 28V dc
Supply voltage (Vmin-Vmax) 18 to 28V dc
Operating temperature (max) 55°C (131°F)
Operating temperature (min) -10°C (14°F)
Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
IP rating Value IP21C
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