Hoyer IE2 Industrial Electric Motor

The Hoyer IE2 is an asynchronous low voltage three-phase industrial electric motor. The Hoyer IE2 is available in cast iron (HMC2) and aluminum (HMA2). The Hoyer IE2 HMC2 is available is frame sizes 160 up to 400 and comes with SKF bearings and 3xPTC in windings. The Hoyer IE2 HMA2 is available in frame sizes 56 up to 132 and come with C&U bearings.

Hoyer IE2 Industrial Electric MotorApplications
Fans (air handling units, refrigeration plants, oil coolers)
Hydraulic power packs
Pumps (for water, fuels, oils)
Shredders (granulation, crushing)
Gears (gear reducers, gearmotors)

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