Aquametro VZF Contoil Oil Meter

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The Aquametro VZF is a Fuel Oil Meter with a digtal display to accurately measure fuel oil consumption in lph or kg/h. Due to its larger flow capabilities, the Aquametro VZF oil meter is designed for use with boilers, engines and generators in industrial and marine environments. Supplied as standard with a 4-20mA pulse output, the VZF Contoil flow meters can be easily connected to a building management system or external display for convenient remote reading. The VZF is a versatile fuel flow meter which has the ability to be retrofitted to an existing boiler/burner system, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, vertically and horizontally.


Mass flow measurement

Integrated temperature sensor

Simple burner setting with flow rate display

Simple consumption monitoring with limiting value switch Qmin/Qmax

Manual dosing feature, with a resettable counter be mounted on the pressure or suction side of a pump

Space-saving installation, because no straight inlet/outlet sections are required

Flexible mounting of the meter in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions

Accurate measurement result, since the reading is independent of the temperature and viscosity of the fluid

Minimum failure costs due to simple function monitoring, rapid fault analysis and the possibility of simple repairs on site

Nominal Size










Connection Type





Max 130°C


Max 180°C

Nominal Pressure

Max 16 bar DIN


Max 25 bar DIN

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