GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 ATEX Approved Hazardous Area Telephone

The GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 (A4) is an ATEX approved, tough, weather resistant telephone that is built to withstand hazardous industrial atmospheres and environments. The GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 is made from carbon loaded glass filled polyester which eliminates rust and corrosion. The GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 has smooth corners and a low profile on the wall, making it ideal for confined spaces.

The handset of the Auteldac 4 can be supplied with an armoured stainless steel cord, or a curly cord. A longer cord is available for greater movement, and a headset is available for hands-free use.

The GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 is equipped with an integral ringer with volume control and a secondary beacon/external sounder as standard.

GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 ATEX Approved Hazardous Area Telephone
Ex II 2 G ATEX approved telephone
CE, IECEx certified
Robust and weather resistant up to IP66
Headset Option
90dB sounder (adjustable)
Robust handset with curly or armoured stainless steel cord
Noise cancelling versions available
Full keypad with 3 programmable memory buttons, or CB variant
Wall or desk mounting, simple installation

Available versions
Auteldac 4 Curly Cord
18btn standard unit

18btn + headset socket*

CB standard unit

CB + headset socket*

Auteldac 4 Stainless Steel Cord
18btn standard unit

18btn + headset socket*

CB standard unit

CB + headset socket*

Headset and plug

Extension cord for headset

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