GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 398-00x Emergency Hands-free Telephone

The GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 398-00x is an emergency hand-free telephone that provides clear and reliable communication in various environments. The RED ALERT 398-00x is type-3R weatherproof when it is surface-mounted.

The RED ALERT 398-00x provides reliable two-way communication with the press of single button. The GAI-Tronics 398-00x comes with a push HELP button, a sealed chrome plated Braille keypad and a separate CALL button. By pressing the CALL button 2 times, the caller can place additional calls without disengaging the telephone line.

GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-700CB / 398-702CB VOIP Emergency Telephone
Weather resistant flush mount design, type 3R
Telephone line powered
Large "palm" activation HELP pushbutton for emergency call
CALL Pushbutton for standard keypad dialing
12-button, braille keypad
Standard or SMART operation
Auto answer
2 programmable auxiliary outputs for peripheral equipment control
Operating range of -20C to +60ºC
Call received when lit L.E.D.
Voice annunciation option
Extreme cold option (-40ºC)
3-number rollover
UL/CSA 60950 Compliant
FCC part 68 certified
ADA Compliant
Monitored by TMA Software

Available versions
Emergency Telephone, Single-Button Auto-dial with CALL Pushbutton and Keypad,  flush-Mount

Model 398-001 with Voice Annunciation Option

Model 398-001 with Extreme Cold Weather Option (to -40°C), 120 V ac required

Model 398-001 with Voice Annunciation and Extreme Cold Weather Options (to -40°C), 120 V ac required

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