DNH Speakers

DNH Loudspeakers are produced for use in industrial and commercial applications. DNH Loudspeakers are available as normal Loudspeakers, but also flameproof, weatherproof, vandal-proof and shockproof Loudspeakers. This makes the DNH Loudspeakers suitable for almost all applications, even in the harshest environments.

DNH Speakers
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of DNH Loudspeakers.
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Article Code Description
DNH EX Loudspeakers  
BA-56EExeN(T) 95db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
BA-56EExeN(T)x2 87db, 2x3W EX Loudspeaker
BAREEX-36(T) 92db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
CAPEEX-6(T) 97db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
CAPEEX-6(T)x2 85db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
CAREEX-36(T) 91db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
CAREEX-6(T) 97db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
CAREEX-6(T)x2 85db, 6W EX Loudspeaker
CM-6EExmN (T) 93db, 6W EX Loudspaker
DSP-15EExmN(T) 118db, 25/30W EX Loudspeaker
DSP-15EExmNL(T) 121db, 30W EX Loudspeaker
DSP-25EExmN(T) 117db, 25W EX Loudspeaker
H-60 EExeN(T) 117db, 20W EX Loudspeaker
HP-20EExIIN(T) 112db, 20W EX Loudspeaker
HS-15 EExmN(T) 116db, 15W EX Loudspeaker
HS-15EExdN(T) 116db, 15W EX Loudspeaker
HS-15EExIIN(T) 118db, 15W EX Loudspeaker
HS-8 EExmN(T) 108db, 8W EX Loudspeaker
DNH Alarm Horn Loudspeakers  
DS(T)-100 / DH 50 132db, 100W Alarm Horn Loudspeaker
DST-100 132db, 100W Alarm Horn Loudspeaker
DUP-40(T) 129db, 60W Alarm Horn Loudspeaker
HPA-60 126db, 60W Alarm Horn Loudspeaker
DNH Plastic Horn Loudspeakers  
DSP-15(T) 117db, 15W Loudspeaker
DSP-15L(T) 124db, 15W Loudspeaker
HP-10(T) 117db, 10W Loudspeaker
HP-15(T) 118db, 15W Loudspeaker
HP-20(T) 112db, 20W Loudspeaker
HP-30(T) 124db, 30W Loudspeaker