Specs Specsvision 5C Crank Case Oil Mist Detector

The Specs Specsvision 5C is a crank case oil mist detector.

The Specs Specsvision 5C is a crank case oil mist detector.

When the concentration of oil mist exceeds the set value, an alarm is triggered on the Specs Specsvision 5C to prevent the risk of engine explosion.

Newest version based on recent |ACS effectiveness verified based on M67 rules
Superior accuracy verified
Instantaneous response to alarm
RS-485 / 422 to Ship’s alarm monitoring system
Multi-functional remote monitoring unit
Most compact/rigid design
Light scattering measurement
Less contaminated sensor design
No moving parts
Robust anti-vibration assembly
Access OMD system from anywhere around the world securely


0.01 mg/l




4-20mA at range of 0-5.0 mg/l


Green: Power ON


Red: Mist Alarm


Yellow: System Fault

5-way Plug-in connector

Power: 1, 2 pin


Shield: 5 pin


Signal: 3, 4 pin




Standard Stand

IP Rating



24 VDC

Operating temperature

0°C to 70°C

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