Cerberus FDS229-A Alarm Sounder with supplementary Optical Indication, orange

The Cerberus FDS229-A Alarm Sounder with supplementary Optical Indication is to be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling along escape routes‚ corridors‚ staircases. Only applicable with addressable Detector Base.

Power is supplied via FDnet/C-NET‚ no auxiliary power supply required. Monitoring of device status. For recess supply line. For surface supply line up to cable 6 mm in diameter with base FDB221‚ otherwise use the base attachment or the base attachment wet.

The Base must be ordered separately.

Cerberus FDS229-A Alarm Sounder With Supplementary Optical Indication Orange

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The Base must be ordered separately.
Communication protocol: FDnet/C-NET
Operating voltage: DC 12...33 V
Quiescent current: 250 NA
Operating current:

3.5 mA (sound activated)
3.5 mA (optical indication activated)
7.0 mA (sound and optical indication activated)
Terminals: According to Detector Base
Number of sounds: 11
Number of flashing pattern: 1 (intermittent)
Sound intensity: 80...99 dBA
Light intensity: 1.1...2.8 cd
Ext. alarm indicator: 2
Operating temperature: -25...+65 °C
Storage temperature: -30...+75 °C
Humidity: L95 % RH
Color: Transparent orange
Protection category:

With Base FDB221 and Base attachment
FDB291 mounting on the wall with cable feed from bottom
IP43‚ otherwise IP42
With Base FDB221 and sealing element
FDBZ295 -> IP44
With Base attachment wet
FDB295 -> IP54
System compatibility:
FDnet -> FS20‚ AlgoRex‚ SIGMASYS
C-NET -> FS720
Standard: EN 54-3‚ EN 54-17
Dimensions (Ø x D): 100 x 43 mm
Accessories: FDBZ293 Detector locking device