Beacons are used to warn of potential hazards or indicate the status of plant items, gas and oil leaks, evacuation alerts and many more.

Beacons can operate as stand-alone units or can be used in a larger system. The Beacons we can supply are available in a wide range of output values and lens colors.

Lavastica International can supply various Beacons from different brands worldwide and in a short period of time.
For detailed product information click on the brands listed below.

Apollo Beacons
Clifford & Snell Beacons
E2S Beacons
Federal Signal Beacons
Fulleon Beacons
Hochiki Beacons
KAC Beacons
Klaxon Beacons
MEDC Beacons
Nohmi Bosai Beacons
Orga Beacons
SST Beacons
Technor Beacons
Tyco Beacons
Werma Beacons