ABB NXR High Voltage Rib Cooled Motor

The ABB NXR High Voltage Rib Cooled Motor are for use in all industry sectors.

The ABB NXR High Voltage Rib Cooled Motor are for use in all industry sectors. These multipurpose rib cooled Motors offer high power density, easy configurability, and built-in serviceability.

The ABB NXR is specifically designed for use with variable speed. VSD control generally means even higher efficiency and precise process control in both quadratic and constant torque applications.

The ABB NXR motors provide a unique combination of small size, high power density, high reliability, low losses and easy maintenance. They are based on the successful, high performance rib cooled motor range, type HXR.

High efficiency for reduced cost of running
High power density for more watts per kilogram than ever before with rib cooled designs
Optional ingress protection level available up to IP66
3D models available on request
Compact size for smaller overall installations
Easy configurability minimizes delivery times
Can be highly customized with a wide range of accessories
Fixing points make accessory fitting straightforward
Cable tray ensures all wiring is neat and tidy
Interchangeable terminal boxes reduce need for spare motors
Rigid, weight-optimized frame is engineered to minimize vibration
Designed for easy deployment of ABB condition monitoring systems
Built-in serviceability features to reduce downtime and cost of not running
Versions optimized for VSD operation can deliver even higher efficiency
Matched ABB Motor and VSD packages are easy to install and operate.

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