Noris FAHD5 Speed Sensor

The Noris FAHD5 is designed for speed sensing. The frequency of the rectangular signal is proportional to the speed. The Noris FAHD5 has sensors which are adapted to sense any movement of ferromagnetic parts. The rectangular signal lends itself to evaluation or transformation by a variety of devices. For detecting the direction of rotation a second sensor system is integrated.

The two sensor systems are arranged mechanically in the sensor head such that a phase offset is obtained between the output signals. This offset is 90° and can be individually factory-adjusted for module m1-m3. Standard is module m2.
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High class Speed Sensor with square wave output signal
For harsh environments in railway and shipbuilding industries
Two scanning systems with signals 90° offset to detect speed and direction of rotation
(in module m1 - m3)
Measurement of very low speed (near zero speed)
Frequency range of < 0.1 Hz…20.000 Hz
2 x supply voltage for each scanning system (both galvanically isolated from each other)
Protection class IP68, pressure-tight, individually examined with 5 bar
Wide operation temperature range -40 °C … +105 °C.
Lavastica International can supply the following Noris FAHD5 Speed Sensor Series: