Auxitrol EM540

Auxitrol EM540 Radar Gauge

The Auxitrol EM540 is an 8-inch Radar Gauge designed for use in tanker applications such as chemicals and bitumen. The Auxitrol EM540 can be installed on a still pipe line or free space, depending on the radar type.

The Auxitrol EM540 is equipped with up to six analog inputs that monitor the  temperature, inert gas pressure and nearby tank gauges. The EM540 uses a Frequency Modulation Continuous Wace which measures the distance between the antenna and the surface of the liquid. The distance is then computed by an embedded Digital Signal Processor.

Auxitrol EM540 Radar Gauge

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When the EM540 is used with the TA3840C communication Unit, the T901 Pressure and Temperature Sensors, the CT801 electro-pneumatic Level Gauge, the PL3700 Pressure Sensors, it makes a complete system for cargo, ballast and service tank monitoring.
- Instrument: +/- 3 mm
- Operating : +/-5 mm
Resolution: 1mm
Range: 0.6 to 42 m
Maximum pressure: 1 bar
Operating temperature: - 40°C to + 70°C
Product temperature: - 40°C to + 250°C
Storage temperature: - 40°C to + 85°C
Antenna aperture angle: 13° (FMCW 10GHz)
Protocol: EMS
Protection class: IP66/67
Intrinsic safety approval:

II 1 (1) G
Ex ia [ia Ga] IIB or IIC T4 Ga IP66/67