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Foxboro 144FP Intelligent d/p Transmitter

The Foxboro 144FP is an intelligent Transmitter that is designed measure liquid level, interface or density of liquids. The Foxboro 144FP uses the hydrostatic pressure principle for measurement.

The Foxboro 144FP can be easily supervised and configured remotely with a PC or Universal Handterminal. The Foxboro 144FP can also be operated with the local keys.

Foxboro 144FP

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Communication HART or FoxCom
Conventional operation with local keys
Easy adaptation to the measuring point without calibration at the workshop
Backdocumentation of measuring point
Continuous self-diagnostics
Configurable safety value
Software lock for local keys and reconfiguration
Simulation of analog output for loop-check
Local display in %, mA or physical units
Signal noise suppression by Smart Smoothing
Linear or customized characteristic
Process temperature from –50°C to +120°C (–58°F to +248°F)
Materials for use with aggressive media
Micro sintermetal sensor technology
Separate mounting of Sensor and Amplifier with remote amplifier mounting kit.
The Foxboro 144FP Intelligent d/p Transmitter.