Autronica BSD-310 Loop Drive Module

The Autronica BSD-310 is a Loop Drive Module that functions as a modem for data exchange between the control system and the detection loop. The Autronica BSD-310 is easily plugged onto a mounting rail inside a fire alarm control panel/controller.


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Each loop driver module allows connection of 127 loop units
Monitoring function for break or short circuiting on the detection loop
Fail-Safe function ensures continuous communication on the detection loop
Easily plugged onto each other or onto other I/O modules on a standard mounting rail
Automatic addressing
Designed to meet EN 54 requirements and conforms to CE standards.
Dimensions: 95x89x32 mm
Weight: 81g
Top and bottom: Zytel FR7200
Snap on mounting device: Zytel 7335S
Onto a standard mounting rail inside
the Fire Detection Control Panel or Controller
Electrical connection: Internal system: plug in connection
Detection loop: screw terminals
(max. cable dimension 2,5mm2)
Loop output voltage: 24 VDC