Autronica Input and Output Units

Autronica offers a wide range of In- and Output Units. The In- and Output Units are designed to be used in various applications. There are also Exn, Exia and Exd approved In- and Output Units available for use in high risk applications. All of the Units feature automatic addressing and short/circuit protection.

Autronica In-Output Units
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of In- and Output Units from Autronica worldwide.
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Article Code Description
BN-201 Monitoring Unit
BN-300 Input Unit
BN-303 Single Monitored Input Unit
BN-304 Input/Output Unit
BN-305 Dual Monitored Input/Output Unit
BN-307 Monitored Fire Alarm Device Control Unit
BN-320/GMU-XS General Monitoring and Control Unit
BN-320/LLL Low Location Light Unit
BN-320/SV Standard Control Unit
BN-342/2 Input Unit
BN-35 Address/Interface Unit
BN-500/EX Input Unit
BN-500/N Input Unit
BNB-330A Loop Interface Module
BNB-331 Loop Interface Module