Salwico EV-PP TDT57 (040209) Rate of Rise Heat Detector

The Salwico EV-PP TDT57 (040209) rate of rise  is an analogue addressable heat detector that is used in the Salwico CS300- fire alarm system. The EV-PP TDT57 RoR is designed to be used in damp spaces, but it is not suitable for outdoor use or in harsh environments. In those cases, the SWM-1KL is preferable, together with an address unit.  

The EV-PP TDT57 RoR has been tested according to the EN54 standards and has subsequently been approved by all major classifications.

Salwico TDT57 Rate of Rise Heat Detector
The EV-PP TDT57 (040209) can be used with:
EV-SPB-BI - 5200098-00A - Detector Base    
SPB-ADAPT - 046916 - Detector Base
UB-1 - 046911 - Detector Base
UB-6 - 044445 - Detector Base

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