Hekatron TCD-563 Heat Detector

The Hekatron TCD-563 (Temperature Criteria Detector) can detect fires with and without smoke development. Where rapid fire development and high temperatures might be expected or when smoke detectors cannot be deployed due to environmental influences , the TCD-563 is the detector of choice.
The TCD 563 is available in the three sensitivity ranges – classes A1, A2 and B in compliance with EN 54-5. All detectors of the three classes detect various differential and maximum measuring procedures.

Hekatron TCD-563 Heat Detector
The TCD-563 can be used with:
USB-502-1 4100005-01-01 Detector base
USB-502-2 4100005-02-01 Detector base flush/recess mount
USB-502-3 4100005-03-01 Detector base wet space

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