Dräger Flame Detectors

Dräger produces various Flame Detectors which are used in industries where combustible gases, vapors or materials are being used. The Dräger Flame Detectors provide early warnings of a fire, and are able to execute automatic actions which can reduce any further risks. The method of detection needs to be chosen carefully to ensure optimal performance and to reduce false alarms.

Dräger Flame Detectors
Lavastica International supplies a wide range of Flame Detectors from Dräger.
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Article Description
Flame 1300 Flame Detector
Flame 1700 Flame Detector
Flame 2300 Flame Detector
Flame 3000 Flame Detector
Flame 5000 Flame Detector
FS-10 Flame Detector
FS-5000 Flame Detector