Apollo Stainless Steel Intelligent IR3 Flame Detector (55000-034MAR)

The Apollo Stainless Steel Intelligent IR3 Flame Detector (55000-034MAR) is designed to protect areas where open flaming fires may be expected.

The Apollo 55000-034MAR is sensitive to low-frequency, flickering infra-red (IR) radiation emitted by flames during combustion. Since this Flame Detector responds to flickering radiation the IR3 Flame Detector can operate even if the lens is contaminated by a layer of oil, dust, water-vapour or ice.

This Apollo Flame Detector has a heavy duty, stainless steel housing which is highly resistant to corrosion. The housing has been electro polished to give a natural silver finish and has no need to be painted, making it ideal for marine applications.

Apollo Stainless Steel Intelligent IR3 Flame Detector (55000-034MAR)

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Heavy duty, stainless steel housing
Natural silver finish
No need to be painted; ideal for marine applications.
Range of view: 0.1m² n-heptane at 25m
0.2m² n-heptane at 35m
0.4m² n-heptane at 45m
Field of view: 90°
Spectral response - IR: 1 to 2.7μm
Sensitivity: High-Class 1
Low-Class 3
Max. power-up time: 4 seconds
Quiescent current: 2200μA
Supply voltage (Vmin.-Vmax.): 17 to 28V dc
Humidity: 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
Ingress Protection: IP65
Operating temperature: -10°C to 55°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to 65°C
Weight: 2100g
Dimensions: length: 75mm
width: 108mm
depth: 142mm
Approvals: ABS