Nittan EV-Firebeam+ Beam Detector F16-83000

The Nittan EV-Firebeam+ (F16-83000) is a Beam Detector which provides a reliable, cost effective solution for protecting large areas. The Nittan EV-Firebeam+ aligns itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and re-aligns when building movement occurs.

Nittan EV-Firebeam+ Beam Detector

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Intelligent motorized beam head
Ground level control
Fast commissioning (around 5 minutes in fast mode)
Ultra low power usage (3.5mA in normal service)
IP65 rating
Self-test facility
7 different menu languages
Easy to commission and adjust to suit environments
Anti-condensation accessories available
Versatile fitting kits available
Up to 100m range with extension kit options.
The Nittan EV-Firebeam+ Beam Detector F16-83000.