Salwico UB-6 Detector Base 044445

The Salwico UB-6 is a low profile base plate for Consilium Smoke, Heat and Flame Detectors. The Salwico UB-6 is designed for use in dry and clean spaces, and can be used with addressable and conventional fire alarm systems.

The Salwico UB-6 is designed to replace the following bases:

The Salwico UB-6 044445 is suitable for:
CN-DPH 023117
CN-H-A1R 23131
CN-H-CS 23135
CN-P 23111
CN-PH 23121
CN-PS-DSCI 23113
EV-DP 040040
EV-DPH 040050
EV-H/CS 040005
EV-H/A1R 040000
EV-P 040020
EV-PH 040030
EV-PP 040200
EV-PS 5200065-00A
NS-AH/A1S N11231
NS-AH/CS N11232
NS-AIHS N11241
NS-AIS N11101
NS-AOHS N11242
NS-AOS N11111
NS-AUV N11121
IA100 044750
IA130 2T 044755
OA100 044760
RDJ-2 044560
RDJ-2T 044570

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