Salwico SPB-ADAPT Base Adapter 046916

The Salwico SPB-ADAPT (046916) is a base adapter for the 2IP55 (46950) and NS-2IP55 (46900) bases. The Salwico SPB-ADAPT is made to replace the Salwico SPB-1 (46915) and NS-ADAPT (N1421) adapters.

The Salwico SPB-ADAPT can be used with Salwico Smoke, Heat and Flame Detectors, and can be used or all Salwico Fire Alarm systems.

Technical Specifications
Cable terminals 2.5mm2
Ingress protection IP55 (mounted on a base)
Material PC/ABS
Color White
Weight ~110g

The Salwico SPB-ADAPT 046916 is suitable for:
CN-DP 23115
CN-DPH 023117
CN-H A1R 23131
CN-H CS 23135
CN-P 23111
CN-PH 23121
EV-DPH 040050
EV-H/CS 040005
EV-H/A1R 040000
EV-P 040020
EV-PH 040030
EV-PP 040200
NS-AOHS N11242
NS-AOS N11111
NS-AUV N11121
DOS3 N1115
EVC-DP N3115
EVC-IR 5200039-00A
EVC-P N3112
HC100 038000

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