Apollo Detector Bases

Apollo Detector Bases are used to mount the various Apollo Detectors. All the Apollo Detectors can be locked into the suited Apollo Base by using a 1.5mm hexagonal screwdriver. Apollo distinguishes their product range in the following brands: AlarmSense, Discovery, XP95, XPander, Orbis, Series65 and Soteria.

Apollo Detector Bases
Lavastica International can supply Apollo Detector Bases worldwide.
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Article Code Description
45681-200 Series 65 Standard Base
45681-201 Series 65 Diode Base
45681-206 Series 65 Sav-Wire Base
45681-209 Intelligent Deep Base
45681-210 Intelligent Mounting Base
45681-211 Isolator Base
45681-217 Deckhead Mounting Box
45681-219 Intelligent Heater Base
45681-242 Intelligent Low Power Relay
45681-244 AlarmSense Base
45681-245 Series 65 Standard Relay Base
45681-246 Series 65 Auxiliary Relay Base
45681-247 Series 65 End-of-Line Relay
45681-276 Ancillary Base Sounder
45681-277 Integrated Base Sounder with Isolator
45681-284 Isolating Base
45681-330 Sounder Visual Indicator Base with Isolator
45681-393 Discovery Sounder Visual Indicator Base
45681-508 Series 65 12V Relay Base
45681-509 AlarmSense Sounder Visual Indicator Base
45681-510 AlarmSense Sounder Base
45681-702 Discovery Sounder Base
ORB-BA-10008-APO  Series 65 to Orbis Base Adapter
ORB-DB-00003-APO TimeSaver Diode Base
ORB-MB-00001-APO TimeSaver Base
ORB-MB-00012-APO Orbis LX Base
ORB-MB-00019-APO TimeSaver Deep Base
ORB-RB-10004-APO TimeSaver Relay Base
ORB-SW-10005-APO Sav-Wire Base
SA5000-200 SOTERIA XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base