Fire Detection

Lavastica International supplies a wide range of fire detection components for use in conventional or addressable systems. Related test and servicing equipment to use when handling these components is also supplied by Lavastica International.

Lavastica International supplies all equipment under the Fire Detection header worldwide, within a short period of time.
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Panels Smoke Detectors Heat Detectors Multisensors
Panels Smoke Detectors Heat Detectors Multisensors
Manual Call Points  Flame Detectors  bases.png  Door (Holder) Systems
Manual Call Points Flame Detectors Bases Door (Holder) Systems
Smoke Switches  Test Equipment  Batteries  Power Supplies
Test Equipment Batteries Power Supplies
Protective cages Simulators In / Output Modules Modules
Protective Covers Modules
Beam Detectors      
Beam Detectors      

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