Siemens SIMOTICS HT Electric Motor

The Siemens SIMOTICS HT is a direct High Torque Electric Motor. The SIMOTICS HT has permanent magnet synchronous motors that can provide high torque speeds at the driven machine.

The Siemens SIMOTICS HT is a harmonized system, together with the Siemens SINAMICS drive convertors. The SIMOTICS HT and SINAMICS Drive represent a drive solution with a long service lifetime but with low lifecycle costs and high efficiency for applications with low operating speeds.

Siemens SIMOTICS HT High Torque Electric Motor

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Paper industry as roller and press drive
Marine industry as propeller drive (main and auxiliary drives)
Mining industry for mill drives
Steel industry e.g. for shears
Plastics industry as drive for extruder worms, foil-drawing machines
Crane industry for the widest range of applications
Sugar industry for sugar centrifuges.
The Siemens SIMOTICS HT Electric Motor.