Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series H-Compact PLUS

The Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series H-Compact PLUS is a compact, high power, reliable, efficient motor with a modular cooling system. The SIMOTICS HV Series H-Compact PLUS motors are available in shaft heights ranging from 450, 500, 560, 630 and 710mm. The shaft with a length of 450, 500 and 560mm have a gray cast iron enclosure, while the 630 and 710mm shafts have a steel enclosure with a IP-rating of IP55 or IP23. The insulation and bearing systems of the SIMOTICS HV Series H-Compact PLUS guarantees the highest degree of reliability.

Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series H-Compact PLUS

Optimized for maximum compactness
High efficiency and power factor
MICALASTIC high-voltage insulation using VPI technology
Extensive experience and know-how regarding industry sector requirements and their implementation
Wide range of certificates for hazardous areas
690 V version for connection to a drive converter up to the highest power ratings
High-speed versions available with a speed control range up to 4500 rpm
Optimized performance values for integrated drive systems with MV-converters
Low noise level

Typical applications
Oil & Gas
Petrochemical industry
Chemical industry
Water / waste water
Cement industry
Power generation
Conveyor belts
Ship propulsion- and auxiliary drives
Steel mills

Technical Specifications
Water-cooled motors 1RN4, 1RN6
Air-cooled motors 1RQ4, 1RQ6
Open-circuit ventilated motors 1RA4, 1RP6, 1RA6
Shaft heights 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 mm
Power range 1000 to 11700 kW
No. of poles 2 - 12 poles
Rated voltages 3 to 13.8 kV
Drive converters SINAMICS GM/SM 150, ROBICON Perfect Harmony
Degree of protection
IP55 (1RN4, 1RN6, 1RQ4, 1RQ6)
IP23, WP II (1RA4, 1RP6, 1RA6)
Cooling type

IC 01 (1RA4, 1RP6, 1RA6)
IC 611, IC 616 (1RQ4, 1RQ6)
IC 81 W , IC 86 W (1RN4, 1RN6)
Type of construction IM B3 (IM 1001), IM V1 (IM 3011)
Up to shaft height 560 mm - gray cast iron enclosure
Shaft heights 630 mm and 710 mm - steel enclosure
Bearings Roller bearings, sleeve bearings

Specifications, e.g. shipbuilding, oil & gas sector
Explosion protection Ex nA II and Ex pe II (1RN4, 1RN6,1RQ4, 1RQ6)

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