Vingtor VSP 12 Way Batteryless Telephone System

The Vingtor VSP 12 Way is a Batteryless Telephone System. The Vingtor VSP 12 Way does not need the vessel's power supply and is used for emergency communication between vital positions on board. The VSP 12Way has a wide range of light, robust and corrosion resistant stations for all on-board environments. The VSP 12Way can be supplied for panel, desktop or bulkhead mounting.

The Vingtor VSP12Way consists of up to 12 main stations with a selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations.

Vingtor VSP 12 Way Batteryless Telephone System
Provides emergency communication independent of vessel's power supply
Excellent speech quality
Noise compensated microphones
Built-in or separate relay for operation of signal units
Provides output for 24 VDC to external equipment
Supports headset directly connected to stations or via plug box
Supports a wide range of stations for the marine environment

Available models

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