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Kockum Sonics Electro-Tyfon MT150/130 Loudspeaker

The Kockum Sonics Electro-Tyfon MT150/130 is an electrically driven Loudspeaker for use on vessels. The Electro-Tyfon MT150/130 is suited for vessels of 75 up to 200m in length. The Kockum Sonics AT 150/130 has a frequency of 130 Hz, which is according to IMO regulations for small and middle-sized vessels. 

Kockum Sonics Electro-Tyfon MT150/130 Loudspeaker

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Unsymmetrical sound distribution
Operates in all ambient temperatures
Unaffected by voltage and frequency fluctuations
Oil free, maintenance free and non-corrosive
Easy to install
Complies to IMO 1972.
Sound frequency (basic) 130Hz
Sound pressure level
acc to IMO ⅓ oct band

Sound level A-weighted 142dBA/1m
Rated current
9A/440V at 20ºC
7A/690V at 20ºC
IP class IP56