Vingtor Pro700 Intercom Station

The Vingtor Pro700 is a cost efficient Intercom System. The Pro700 does not use a central exchange, and all stations are individually programmable and powered from a central power supply.

Vingtor Intercoms
The Pro700 System can support up to 40 stations and one speech channel. The system provides an extensive range of standard and optional features. The Pro700 has a wide range of robust and weather resistant stations and signal units for all on-board environments.

Max capacity of 40 stations, recommended  system size is 20 stations
Standard power supply,  24-27V DC, 4A
No system exchange
Cabin stations with privacy and display
All Call and two Group Calls with auto answer back
One program distribution channel
Simple installation, loop cabling
Hands-free conversation, semi duplex
Remote control of external audible or visible signal devices
Interface possibilities to Public Address and PABX (only one pre-programmed number)
External 20 ohm loudspeaker can be connected

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