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Lavastica ES1-N-Mk2 CCTV IP HDTV Camera Station

The Lavastica ES1-N-Mk2 is a CCTV IP Naval Camera Station. The ES1-N-Mk2 is designed for use in extreme environmental conditions which may occur in the marine and offshore market. The Lavastica ES1-N-Mk2 is resistant to shock, vibrations, temperature changes, acid, corrosion and other weather conditions.

Lavastica ES1-N-Mk2 CCTV IP HDTV Camera Station
The ES1-N-Mk2 has PRS Type Apporval and is compliant with Polish Defense Standard NO-2-A500-5 and NO-04-A004-7. The housing is made of high quality AISI 316L stainless steel. The ONVIF standard ensures cooperation with other systems from leading manufacturers. The ES1-N-Mk2 has a 1080P resolution, making excellent and detailed images. The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for the internal camera is 100000 hours. A optional sun shield can be used to prevent heat from sun rays.

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Sun Shield
Glass Heater
Shock Resistant
Axis communication
Material Stainless Steel, acidproof AISI 316L
Sealing Material Sillicone/NBR
Position Secure Nord-Lock
Finish Electro-polished
Heater 10W
Illuminator Front-IR