Cooper Hernis PT9 weather-proof Camera Station

The Cooper Hernis PT9 Camera Station was developed to take full advantage of the size and functionality of the ¼” high resolution compact or block cameras available in the market. The unit is based on the well-proven PT30 station but includes selectable auto focus not available on traditional camera and lens combinations.

The auto focus function of the Cooper Hernis PT9 will automatically turn off if no zoom, pan or tilt commands are given to the Camera Station. This to avoid un-necessary wear and tear on the focus mechanism.

Cooper Hernis PT9 Weatherproof Camera

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DNV type approved
Automatic day/night function
IR sensitive
Internal cabling
Integrated Wiper (PT9W standard)
Washer Pump & Tank (PT9 standard)
Sunshield (PT9W standard)
Thermoelectric heating
Tropical sunshield (optional)
Audio (optional)
Auto focus with manual override
Auto iris with manual override
Multi-cable accommodated
Scratch proof, tempered glass
Designed to accept future software upgrades remotely.
The Cooper Hernis PT9 weather-proof Camera Station.