Cooper Hernis PT12 weather-proof Camera Station

The Cooper Hernis PT12 is a Camera Station which introduces a new high performance material; carbon filled poly-ether-ether-keytone (PEEK CA30). Carbon filled PEEK is regarded as one of the highest performing composite materials in the world.

The Cooper Hernis PT12 is an ideal replacement for stainless steel as it is light weight and offers even better chemical resistance. Its optimum wear resistance and strength is already well proven in the aircraft industry. With aircraft industry standard coating the PT12 should be the resilient choice.

The Cooper Hernis PT12 Camera Station is a highly advanced process and surveillance camera station. The PT12 is undergoing type approval by Det Norske Veritas, meaning it has been designed for operation in the most demanding locations, withstanding physical environmental challenges like vibration, humidity, corrosion and the extreme temperature variations from the Arctic to the Sahara. Rated to IP 66 the camera station certifies protection from high-pressure water from any direction, including green sea, guaranteeing no harmful effects.

Cooper Hernis PT12 Camera Station

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DNV Vibration Level C (suitable for e.g. masts)
Continuous rotation based on patented high efficiency inductive coupling
Pan speed 64º/sec
High performing material
DNV Type Approval (ongoing)
Alt. mounting (ceiling/wall)
Automatic day/night function
IR sensitive
Integrated Junction Box
Integrated Wiper (PT12W standard)
Washer Pump & Tank (PT12W standard)
Thermoelectric heating
Audio (optional)
Auto focus with manual override
Auto iris with manual override
Multi-cable accommodated
Designed to accept future software upgrades remotely.
The Cooper Hernis PT12 weather-proof Camera Station.