Mobrey Level Switches

Mobrey Level Switches are used for reliable level detection in even the harshest environments. The Mobrey Level Switches are ideal for general purpose, high and low liquid level alarm and pump control duties. The Mobrey Level Switches are suited for use in aggressive environments and can operate in almost any liquid at high pressures and temperatures.

Mobrey Level Switches
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Mobrey Level Switches.
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Article Code Description
CLS RF Dry Level Switch
Mini Squing Vibrating Level Switch
M-Switch Horizontal Float Level Switch
PLS Dry Level Switch
Squing 2 Vibrating Level Switch
Squitch 2 Ultrasonic Level Switch
VLS Vibrating Level Switch
003 Gap Sensor Level Switch
Vertical Float Vertical Float Level Switch
Ultrasonic Gap Sensor Gap Sensor Level System