Siemens MultiRanger 100/200 Level Controller

The Siemens MultiRanger 100/200 is a versatile short to medium-range ultrasonic single and multi-vessel Level Monitor/Controller for virtually any application in a wide range of industries.


Digital input for back-up level overide from point level device

Communication using built-in Modbus RTU via RS-485

Compatible with SmartLinx system and SIMATIC PDM configuration software

Single or dual point level monitoring

Auto False-Echo Suppression for fixed obstruction avoidance

Differential amplifier transceiver for common mode noise reduction and improved signal-to-noise ratio

MultiRanger 100: level measurements, simple pump control and level alarm functions

MultiRanger 200: level, volume and flow measurements in open channels, differential control, extended pump control and alarm functions

Wall and panel mounting options.

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