Siemens Sitrans P280 Pressure Transmitter

The Siemens Sitrans P280 is a wireless HART Pressure Transmitter.

The Siemens Sitrans P280 is a wireless HART Pressure Transmitter. The Sitrans P280 provides all measured process values as well as diagnostic information, parameters and functions via radio. The Siemens Sitrans P280 is powered by an internal battery and designed for ultralow power consumption.

The Siemens Sitrans P280 has a compact and rugged design makes it specially suitable for direct mounting on tanks and pipes in remote parts of plants and on moving or rotating equipment for process monitoring or asses management applications.

Various pressure ranges available (2, 10, 50, 200, 400 bar)
LCD Display with functional display items and icons, English and German Display selectable
Practical push buttons: three push buttons for maximum efficiency for setup, diagnostics, communication and security settings with no additional devices or tools
Maintenance-friendly backlight function
Sleep mode for efficient battery life management
Battery status display on LCD and in network overview
Precise measurement accuracy for more productivity
90 and 180 degree display turnable
Configurable with standard tools supporting EDD – e. g. with SIMATIC PDM
Physical HART maintenance port for commissioning.

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