Service & Repair


Lavastica International can arrange qualified service engineers for your installations around the world. Thanks to our global network, we are able to arrange experienced service and commissioning engineers on board of vessels, platforms and industrial plants. We can also supply the required parts which are needed for the service and maintenance.


In old installations, spare parts are difficult to find or they have long delivery times. In some cases the manufacturers do not even exist anymore, or the parts are not produced anymore. Repairing or reconditioning of equipment is a good solution to extend the lifetime of your installations. Lavastica International can repair the related products and equipment in our workshop located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Our service engineers are specialized in service, repair and checks for:
Automation Systems
Camera Systems
Cargo Control Systems
Electric Motors
Fire Detection Systems
Gas Detection Systems
Life Saving
Oil Mist Detection Systems
Valve Remote Control Systems.

Your technical problems can be solved by means of contacting Lavastica International.

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