Damcos VPI Position Indicator

The Damcos VPI Position Indicator is a precision gear motor with a display that indicates the flow of a oil volume that goes trough the unit. According to the glow and flow direction of the fluid, the gear wheels will rotate. A built-in mini gear box with a gear ratio, chosen to suit the Actuator displacement in question, transfers the gear motor movement to the indicator shaft. Between the gear motor and the indicator shaft, there is no mechanical connection.

The Damcos VPI indicator is available in 5 versions:
The Damcos VPI-V: Visual indication
The Damcos VPI-E: Visual + electrical open/closed indication (switches)
The Damcos VPI-C: Visual + electrical analog (potentiometer) indiction
The Damcos VPI-CE: Double electrical function C+E
The Damcos VPI-EE: Double electrical function E+E.

Special versions may be mounted in Ex area and are equipped with cable.

Damcos Valve position indicator

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A magnetic clutch transfers the rotary movement of the hydraulic gear wheels to the indicator. This eliminates the possibility of external leakages. The indicator arrow moves within a scale angle which is adjustable between 75°C and 200°C. A small indicator disc mounted firmly on the indicator shaft serves as a leakage indicator.
Max. working pressure: 135 bar ~ 1958 lbf/in2
Test pressure: 205 bar ~ 2973 lbf/in2
Burst pressure: > 525 bar ~ 7615 lbf/in2
Temperature: -20°C to 80°C ~ -4°F to 176°F
Viscosity range: 15-200cSt
Filtration requirement: 25 μm nominal
Hydraulic medium: Acid-free hydraulic oil
Max. flow: 100 cm3/sec ~ 6 l/min
Min. flow: 3 cm3/sec ~ 0.2 l/min
Connection face: DIN 24 340 Cetop-3 / VPI connection
Insulation class: IP 68, 3 bar 24 hours