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AMOT 2800 Safety Shutdown Device

The AMOT Model 2800 Fuel Rack Actuator is a safety shutdown device which senses oil pressure or other control pressure. The AMOT Model 2800 Actuator is typically connected to an engine fuel rack governor or fuel pump stop lever and should a loss or drop in oil pressure occur below the set point, it will trip immediately.
AMOT 2800 Actuator

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Entirely mechanical - no external power required
Snap acting - immediate shutdown upon sensing loss of oil pressure below setpoint
Easy installation and operation - reset latch emergency stop and multi-positional reset lever.
Monitors pressure or temperature on rotating machinery in hazardous and industrial applications.
Housing: Hight strength aluminum die casting
Internals and leavers: Precision sintered steel castings
Finish: Black anodized
Pressure connection: 1/4" NPT or BSPL
Max. pressure at inlet: 11.7 bar/170 psi
Trip pressure adjustment range: 0.35 to 2.8 bar/9 to 11 psi