Allweiler Series SN Screw Pump

The Allweiler Series SN is a Three-Screw Pump for general applications up to 100 bar. The Allweiler Series SN can pump liquids such as chemically neutral, lubricating, fuel oils, lube oils, hydraulic oils, cutting oils, coolant oils, cooling oils, waxes, tar oils, polyols, isocyanates, paints and lacquers.

Allweiler Series SN

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The Allweiler Series SN can be used for:
Mechanical engineering
General industrial technologies
Chemical and petrochemical industries
Marine and offshore engineering.
Capacity Q up to 5300 l/min
Inlet pressure ps up to 7 bar
Discharge pressure pd up to 100 bar
Differential pressure pdiff up to 100 bar
Viscosity v up to 3 tm 5000 mm²/s
Speed n up to 1/min
Fluid temperature t up to 250