Allweiler SN-M Three Screw Pump with MagDrive

The Allweiler SN-M is a Three Screw Pump with MagDrive, up to 64 bar. The SN-M is able to pump liquids that are toxic, harmful to the environment, highly volatile, explosive, non-abrasive as well as all liquids that can be pumped by the standard Allweiler SN-Series.
Allweiler SN-M Three Screw with Magnetic Drive

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The Allweiler SN-M is used in applications such as:
Chemical applications
Petrochemical applications
General industrial applications.
Capacity Q up to 3500 l/min
Inlet pressure ps up to 23 bar
Discharge pressure pd up to 64 bar
Differential pressure pdiff up to 64 bar
Viscosity v up to 3..2000mm²/s
Fluid temperature t up to 250°C
Speed n up to 3600 1/min