Allweiler ALLMOVE ASH Peristaltic Pump

The Allweiler ALLMOVE ASH is a PN 16 Peristaltic Pump for high pressure application. The Allweiler ALLMOVE ASH can handle low to highly viscous liquids, pasty, neutral or aggressive, pure or abrasive, gaseous or tending to froth. The ALLMOVE ASH can also handle fibrous and solids content.

Allweiler ALLMOVE ASH Peristaltic Pump
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Base plate design (pump and motor mounted on a base plate)
Pedestal mounting
Dry installation
Pump drive directly coupled or by gear or belt transmission
Horizontal installation
Dry self-priming
Reversible pumping
Sealingless and valveless.
Sewage and environmental engineering
Chemical and petrochemical industries
Food and beverages industry
Paperand pulp industry
Soap and fats industry
Dye and paint industry
Plastic and ceramics industry
Marine and offshore engineering
Capacity up to 60 m³/h
Avail. suc.-pressure up to -0,95 bar
Discharge pressure up to 16 bar
Differential pressure up to 16 bar
Viscosity up to 100000 mm²/s
Fluid temperature up to 80°C
Permissible solid content up to 50 vol %
Grain size up to 33mm