Azcue BT BLOC Compact Pumping Module

The Azcue BT BLOC series units, with one pump in service and one stand-by are used for services as transfer or diesel oil, heavy fuel oil or lube oil feed and many more.


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The Azcue BT Bloc Series is a complete set that includes the following items:
2 BT-HM Screw Pumps
2 stainless steel filters, with a 0.5mm Mesh Size
2 discharge non return Valves
2 ball shut off Valves
1 suction manifold
1 discharge collector
2 pressure gauges
2 compound charges
1 central block.

Diesel oil
Heavy fuel oil
Lub oil feeder.
Flow rate: up to 10 m3/h
Max. Head (pressure): up to 16 bar
Outlet sizes: DN1” to 1.5”
Max. temperature: 160°C