Autronica FlexiFOG Water Mist

Autronica FlexiFOG Water Mist System

The Autronica FlexiFOG is a low pressure water mist fire extinguishing system for protection of accommodation and public areas, high risk areas and engine rooms. Incorporating an advanced control system based on ProfiBUS and As/I bus with well-proven technology, saving weight and installation cost. Approved by all major classification societies.

Autronica Flexifog

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Tested in accordance with IMO MSC/circ. 913
Low water consumption, 1 - 1,6 l/min/m2
Low power consumption, 1,5 - 5,5kW
Height 0,5 - 8 meters, operating pressure 4 bar
Height 8 - 14,5 meters, operating pressure 9 bar
Small pipe size, 3/4"
Low weight piping, PN10 and PN16
Type approved by all major classifications societies
Holding wheel mark certificate, module B and D.