Autronica BHH-26 Smoke Detector Head

The BHH-26 Smoke Detector Head is out of production, but is still limited available.

The Autronica BHH-26 is an Optical Smoke Detector which detects combustion gases consisting of visible particles. The BHH-26 is designed to be used in Autronica´s interactive fire detection systems. The Autronica BHH-26 is suitable for use in applications where visible smoke during a fire can be expected.

Autronica BHH-26 Smoke Detector Head

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Different sensitivity settings possible
Comprises the AFI, transient filter
Monitoring of optical path and electric circuit
Comprises a built-in alarm indicator (LED)
Conforms to EMC directive
Proven technology
Immune to electromagnetic disturbance
Designed to meet the requirement of the major maritime classification societies.
Weight: 150g
Materials: Polycarbonate Macrolon
Color: Light Grey
Sensitivity: Acc. to EN54-7
Voltage: 12-16VDC
Current consumption:
Stand by:

0,2 mA
> 35 mA
Environ. requirement: EN-54-7
Ingress Protection: IP44D
Working temperature: -20°C - +70°C
Humidity: max. 95% RH (non-condensing)

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