Autronica BD-55/EXDN Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector

The Autronica BD-55/EXDN is a point heat detector for use in hazardous area zone 1 or 2. The BD-55/EXDN is designed for use with the AutroSafe interactive fire-alarm system.
The Autronica BD-55/EXDN can be used in different applications including turbine rooms, flammable material storage and many more.

Autronica BD-55/140EXD Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector
Other models

Autronica BD-55/225EXDN ( 110°C / 225°F )
Autronica BD-55/275EXDN ( 135°C / 275°F )
Autronica BD-55/325EXDN ( 165°C /325°F )
Autronica BD-55/360EXDN ( 180°C / 360°F )
Autronica BD-55/450EXDN ( 230°C / 450°F )
Autronica BD-55/600EXDN ( 315°C / 600°F )
Autronica BD-55/725EXDN ( 385°C / 725°F ) 

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