Tyco FV413F Triple IR Flame Detector

The Tyco FV413F (516.300.413) is a triple IR Flame Detector. The Tyco FV413F provides a reliable and cost effective solution in flame detection applications where there is a single hazard in the field of view. Using Triple IR Solar Blind sensing technology and flame detection algorithms, the FV413F provides high sensing capabilities for hydrocabon fires.

The Tyco FV413F can sense through high densities of solvent vapours and black smoke, which increases the probability of early detection with consistent high sensitivity to a flame throughout the whole field of view. The FV413F Flame Detector can also detect many different types of hydrocarbon fuels from alcohol to aviation fuel. An integral CCTV camera provides a visual way of operator verification.

Tyco FV413F (516.300.413) Triple IR Flame Detector

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Triple IR solar blind sensing technology
Multiple Field Interfaces
Detection range: up to 65m for 0.1m2 n-heptane pan fire
Automatic optical path monitoring
Integral flame simulation and remote walk test help reduce the on-going life time cost of the Flame Detector installation
Video verification via the integrated optional flameproof camera.